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What is a Virtual CISO Service?

A Virtual CISO Service involves hiring an external security expert who provides continuous support and expertise to an organization in designing and managing its security strategy. HostShield’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) services are a subscription-based security management solution tailored to assist smaller to mid-sized companies. By partnering with a specialist information security firm, organizations can delegate some or all of their CISO functions to ensure comprehensive security management.

HostShield’s vCISO Services (CISO AS A Service) offer customers effective advisory strategies and controls, enabling them to establish a strong cybersecurity posture.

In an era of increasing vulnerabilities due to digital transformation, our Virtual CISO Consulting Services provide dependable security leadership with a subscription-based model similar to XaaS (Anything as a Service) offerings. Obtain affordable and efficient Virtual CISO Services (VCISO) in India from our team of seasoned and skilled Cyber Security Professionals.

Significant Cost Savings
With our adaptable scale-up or scale-down service, you can align your security needs and response to the evolving threat landscape, leading to significant cost savings.

Impartial, Vendor Neutral Advice
Our vCISO is committed to acting in your best interest, minimizing your overall risk exposure, and ensuring the utmost value for your present and future cybersecurity investments.

Flexible to Customer Needs

We understand that your business experiences continuous changes, and our solution seamlessly scales to meet your evolving needs and business objectives.

Board and Senior Executive Engagement
Our vCISO possesses the knowledge and experience to effectively educate and communicate with various senior executives, board members, and non-technical senior staff.

Experienced Cyber Security Practitioners
Our Virtual CISO Consulting Services offer access to professionals with extensive industry experience, including leadership positions as CISOs.

Data Breach Ready
Our vCISO will supervise and coordinate to ensure that your business is well-prepared to handle data breaches and incidents.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance
Our vCISO will take charge of managing communication with regulators regarding all data privacy and information security recommendations on your behalf.

Specialist Training Completed
Our vCISOs have received specialized management-focused cybersecurity training, ensuring that they meet the specific security demands and needs of our customers.

Extend it to full CISO Office
Expand the Virtual CISO service into a comprehensive Information Security office service by incorporating additional relevant services.

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Goal Of Virtual CISO Services

Assist customers in their annual security vision, mission, roadmap, planning, and management.

  • Formulating security strategy and objectives
  • Evaluating acceptable risk thresholds
  • Establishing and executing security and compliance governance
  • Coordinating compliance tasks and liaising with regulatory entities
  • Assist in determining security budget and suitable security solutions
  • Develop Security policies & protocols.
  • Evaluate existing internal security measures
  • Serve as a readily accessible expert security asset, resulting in time and cost savings.
  • Participate in executive and board meetings on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Offer additional advisory insights as needed.

Small to mid-sized organizations often face the need to adhere to an array of legal, regulatory, and contractual security obligations. Nonetheless, due to factors such as elevated costs and a scarcity of qualified personnel, these organizations struggle to fulfill these demands. Many of these entities possess staff capable of managing technological assets, yet encounter difficulties in addressing their strategic or long-term security needs. Opting for a full-time executive-level hire can prove financially burdensome. In reality, a continuous full-time resource may not be necessary. What is essential is a dependable consultant who can offer security direction and counsel on an ‘on-demand’ basis, precisely the role of Hostshield’s Virtual CISO Consulting Services.

VCISO – Advisory Role

A selection of the advisory roles available to customers through Hostshield’s vCISO As A Service encompass the following:


1.Manage the Information Security Management Program on behalf of the customer.
2.Deliver strategic supervision and guidance concerning information assurance, control, and risk management.
3.Serve as the reliable consultant regarding information security and data privacy.
4.Offer advice to tackle present and emerging security threats.
5.Assist in identifying, assessing, and opting for cost-effective technologies.

VCISO – Managerial Role

A subset of the managerial responsibilities accessible to customers through Hostshield’s vCISO encompasses the following:

1.Conducting security awareness programs for Senior Management and the Board of Directors
2.Supervising the Security Awareness Training initiative
3.Managing security assessments and the related risk mitigation strategies.
4.Refining the security strategies for incident response.
5.Monitoring the internal and external security teams engaged with the customer.
6.Supervising the vendor risk management initiatives.

VCISO – Operational Role

Certain operational responsibilities that customers can avail themselves of through Hostshield’s vCISO Services comprise the following:

1.Engaging and assuming leadership roles in meetings, committees, and interactions with board members and other senior executives.
2.Formulating, assessing, and enhancing the Information security framework, policies, procedures, and processes.
3.Conducting annual assessments of the organization’s information security maturity.
4.Crafting, evaluating, and updating security architecture, design, and assurance frameworks to address current and evolving security challenges.
5.Serving as the client’s representative in regulatory inquiries and third-party audits.
6.Implementing the incident response plan during emergencies or cyber crises.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is CISO-as-a-service?

CISO-as-a-service, also known as vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) Consulting Services, refers to the provision of virtual CISO services. HostShield, a reputable organization in the UAE, offers vCISO services, providing certified information security experts or a remote team of professionals. These professionals assist businesses in enhancing their security measures by developing, implementing, and overseeing cybersecurity strategies, policies, and compliance programs. This approach significantly improves the overall security stance of organizations.

2. What are the advantages of having a Virtual CISO compared to a traditional CISO?

There are numerous advantages associated with vCISO – the outsourced and adaptable service, offered by HostShield. Some of the significant benefits include:
Access to a team of skilled security specialists with diverse areas of expertise.
A cost-effective solution suitable for businesses with limited resources, budget constraints, and time constraints that an internal hiring process may require.
Faster service delivery compared to a traditional CISO, ensuring prompt breach readiness with immediate response plans for critical situations.
In-depth monitoring capabilities and up-to-date knowledge about the latest security threats.

3. What is the pricing structure for vCISO?

The cost of a Virtual CISO engagement usually ranges from $35k to over $250k per year, depending on various factors. Despite the expense, having a vCISO is essential for businesses, considering the potential costs of a data breach. It’s important to note that our vCISO engagements typically become more cost-effective as our customers’ security programs progress into the maintenance phase.